Wikileaks claims to have obtained the contents of e-mails belonging to the head of the CIA, John Brennan, and said it would publish these emails until a few days ahead.

Wikileaks believed Brennan get email contents from a middle school student who has been admitted to breaking into the email account Brennan.

The 13-year-old student told the New York Post said that he was “angry with the foreign policy of the United States”.

Through his Twitter account, the students upload email quote that seems like a legal document with the secret classification.

FBI agents investigating the alleged secret CIA burglary Brennan email account.

Brennan was appointed head of the CIA in 2013 after four years as assistant to President Barack Obama for the problems of terrorism and homeland security.

Confidential documents belonging to the American government is not “foreign goods” to Wikileaks.

In recent years, the site’s whistleblowers to upload documents and diplomatic cables countries belonging to the US government.

Source: BBC