KONTAK PERKASA FUTURES – Initial D‘s AE86 Sprinter Trueno may have been a humble tōfu delivery car, but it was formidable with Takumi at the wheel. As a nod to its role in getting manga and anime fans worldwide interested in drifting on Japanese mountain roads, Toyota UK has designed a concept car based on Takumi’s vehicle.

The car is a modified GT-86 (Scion FR-S in America), which is considered a throwback to the AE86. It’s painted black and white and fitted with custom-made RS Watanabe alloy wheels, TRD suspension, a Fujitsubo exhaust system, a Cusco strut brace, a carbon fiber bonnet, yellow-tinted fog lights (a reference to the Cibié spotlights on Takumi’s car), and a silver-painted engine cover (which refers to Takumi’s 20-valve ‘Silver Top’ 4A-GE engine). In addition, the door handle protectors and mirror covers are made with carbon fiber that evokes the AE86’s black plastic. The car has mud flaps, no boot lid spoiler, and tinted rear lenses. And of course, the door says “Fujiwara Tōfu Ten [Store].”

Joe Clifford, a member of the special projects team, commented:

Right from the start, the Toyota GT86 was developed as a car that would appeal to enthusiasts, whether in standard trim or as an exploitable base for further modifications. With this Initial D concept we not only acknowledge how important the AE86 was in influencing Toyota‘s modern approach to sports cars but also demonstrate how the GT86 can be aesthetically and dynamically improved with relatively simple aftermarket accessories. But perhaps most of all, we just thought it was an achingly cool idea.

An orange Toyota86 (as it’s called in Japan) appeared in this year’s Initial D film. As evidence of Initial D‘s impact, Mamoru Miyano (Takumi in the recent film series) claims that it spurred him to get a driver’s license.

Source : animenewsnetwork.com