Buckle up and get ready to head to Brooklyn, NY, foodies, because the guy who brought us the Rainbow Bagel is back with his latest creation and it looks incredible. First came the Rainbow Bagel, then the Oreo bagel, and now, we present you with the Mufgel! The Mufgel is the love child of a muffin and a bagel and was conceived at The Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

It’s the latest mashup from Scot Rossillo, proving once again that he is the Picasso of bagels. With a crunchy top like a muffin and a chewy, bagel-like bottom, this trend is about to take over your Instagram feed. The Mufgel comes in different flavors, including a Fruity Pebbles Mufgel, Chocolate Chip Crumb Mufgel, Mozzarella Cheese Pizza Mufgel, and so many more, each with a suggested cream cheese paired to perfection.

KONTAK PERKASA FUTURES – The flavors are changed regularly, but you’re going to have to wake up early to get yours, as they’re guaranteed to sell out before closing time. Ironically enough, Rossillo came up with the idea after listening to a commercial making fun of hybrid food crazes, but he used the joke to his advantage and came up with the latest social media sensation. We can all agree that the crazy food combinations aren’t stopping any time soon, and this is just the beginning for the Bagel Store! Check out some of the latest drool-worthy Mufgel.

Source : popsugar.com