Similarities of Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal

Both Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal are similar to Diablo 3 (combat/loot systems)

Lineage Eternal made its first debut in 2011 when Diablo 3 was extremely popular, however, no more information was revealed till G-star 2014. Lineage Eternal became a spotlight with its teaser trailers and trail version. From 2014 to 2016 the highly-anticipated MMORPG Lineage Eternal seemed disappearing again and NCSoft delayed its closed beta again and again. When we were eager to know more about it, a similar Diablo-style action MMRPG Lost Ark developed by Smile Gate came into our eyes. Comparing the action, combat, graphics and gameplay, Lost Ark is no less than Lineage Eternal.


Next Generation MMORPG

KONTAK PERKASA FUTURES – According to NCsoft, Lineage Eternal is an important project, to achieve the desired results they are making careful preparation at present. I think NCSoft is committed itself to Lineage Eternal mostly because their blockbuster Project HON died, and a successor of Blade&Soul is urgently needed.
Except for Cross Fire, there is no more famous games by Smile Gate, so developing Lost Ark, to some extent, can help changing people’s opinion of the game company. Seen from the closed beta of Lost Ark this time, it’s not hard to find Smile Gate has expended a lot of energy in developing this game. If that failed, it would be a heavy blow to Smile Gate. Currently, the hype is going strong in South Korean with positive comments.

Here are two videos on Lineage Eternal vs Lost Ark, they set forth their own views, interested players can check them out. Feel free to share your opinion in the comment below.

Differences between Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal


Built by Unreal Engine 3, Lost Ark presents a crazy immersive and unique environment, and the use of isometric camera shows a gorgeous world for players. However, Lineage Eternal’s graphic is not as good as Lost Ark for it uses a custom engine, and its visual style is much closer to Diablo 3 that delivers dark, dirty and bloody feelings.


For some players, Lineage Eternal has better combat with unique features, good looking equipment/gear and animations in terms of the feeling of hacking, smashing and knocking enemies. And it provides non-fixed view angels, thus giving immersive combat experience. Lineage Eternal pursuit the team work and how much contribution a player can give for the team, inheriting features like clan and siege warfare of its pre-works. What’s more, “Drag Action” mouse control in Lineage Eternal allows players to cast certain abilities through mouse gesture.

The Tripod System of Lost Ark plays a big role in the action combat because players can specialize their character to how they like, that means, players can create many different combinations and make the character unique. The skill effect of Lost Ark is gorgeous, and the game takes point and click movement system, players can use ability by pressing QWER on keyboard.

World and dungeon

Players can travel freely around the world of Lost Ark Online using their own ship. And the world of it is interactive with a lot of hidden areas and hidden quests. Inside the tavern, players can participate in mini games and events such as the card and keg drinking game.

Dynamic dungeon is a core feature of Lineage Eternal which can be used to create unlimited combinations, just like Lego blocks, the more Number & Kind is, the more forms will be. Additionally, Lineage Eternal allows multiple players to download a same dungeon, but the map, monsters, quests and event of which will be random allocated.

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