KONTAK PERKASA FUTURES – In my previous discussion surrounding this game, I made it clear that Pokemon Go has the potential to completely reshape the way we perceive videogames. A large scale augmented reality experience might rewrite this medium’s history and future alike. Of course with anything revolutionary, chaos is soon to follow/precede, right?

There have been talks of people playing Pokemon Go wandering into unfamiliar territory and ending up in dangerous scenarios. One girl stated that she encountered a dead body while playing the game. Elsewhere, there have been traffic accidents and actual car pileups due to lack of attention.

Integration of a video game into real life is just that. Integration. Utilizing technology properly is the key to not dying. But more importantly, a seamless integration of AR into our lives is going to require the ability to stay conscious of the standard reality. I can see the excitement of getting to immerse yourself in two worlds at the same time. As someone who grew up with Pokemon, I understand that this is a dream come true for many people.

For myself as well, I look forward to really sitting down and trying this game on a larger scale. Despite that, it’s important to avoid giving reasons to anti-videogame establishments that would try to negate the further development of AR games. I mean, just imagine an AR Yu-Gi-Oh or something. Wouldn’t that be neat?

It is my hope that the future of Pokemon Go is less of the pileups and corpses, and a bit more of the cultural boundary breaking we’ve seen. A setting where people of all ages, occupations, and interests can share the common goal of catching that Pokemon. Most importantly of all, a world where I may someday carry a Blaziken around in my pocket.

Here’s to the happy and safe future of AR!

Source : mmosite.com