A new promotional video has been released for the Shin Godzilla collaboration event in Sega‘s online role-playing game Phantasy Star Online 2.

The event began on August 10 with the Heisei version of Godzilla invading the game lobby, and it will last through September 7. A wearable Godzilla suit and mini Godzilla device appeared on Wednesday. The event also features destroyable-city room goods and Godzilla posters.

Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in Japan and Southeast Asia. A light version of the game, Phantasy Star Online 2es, is also available in those regions for smart phones and Android devices. A Western release was originally planned, but has been delayed until further notice.

An anime version of the game, Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation, premiered in Japan in January 2016. It was licensed by Sentai Filmworks and is available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

Phantasy Star Online 2 (ファンタシースターオンライン2 Fantashī Sutā Onrain Tsū) is a video game in the Phantasy Star series published by Sega. It was released for Microsoft Windows on July 4, 2012, and for PlayStation Vita on February 28, 2013. A spin-off game, Phantasy Star Online 2es, was released for Android on April 7, 2014 and for iOS on May 14, 2014. A PlayStation 4 version has been announced and is scheduled for release sometime in 2016. The game is currently only available commercially in Japan and Southeast Asia, but an English-language patch is available.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Gameplay in Phantasy Star Online 2 is action-oriented, and features a diverse selection of weapon types and playstyles for the player to choose from.

A form of energy known in the game as Photons plays an important role in the game’s battle system. During battle, the player can combine his normal attacks with Photon Arts (PA), special attacks using photon converted into energy, to perform a variety of attack combos. Additionally, the Force, Techer, Bouncer, and Summoner classes can use Techniques, photon converted into magic-like spells in both offensive and support forms. Players can guard with certain weapon types to reduce damage taken at the cost of some PP, or “Just Guard” with accurate timing to perform a counterattack at no cost.

In some areas of the game, Photons can be generated by defeating enemies to fill up the Photon level in the environment. In return, Photon-sensitive effects (PSE) can provide bonuses to the players in that area. When one of these effects reaches the maximum level of 8, an event known as PSE Burst can occur where many enemies will rapidly spawn for a limited time. This can be further extended by causing a different PSE Burst to form a Cross Burst.

Upon reaching a certain level, each player will be granted a Mag, a small droid that hovers around the owner. Mags can be fed a variety of items in order to strengthen and eventually evolve them. In addition to enhancing the player’s stats, a mag will support the player with abilities such as healing or buffing under certain circumstances. Mags also enable the Photon Blast ability, in which the player and mag summon a Photon-based avatar for a brief time to attack enemies or support party members, depending on the type of mag. Photon Blasts can only be used after defeating a certain amount of enemies and generating enough Photon energy to fill up its gauge.

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