If you were one of the 6,006 rejected applicants who applied for the new Ford GT, we might have a consolation prize. On eBay, of all places, a one-of-four Matech Ford GT1 is up for grabs, sporting 650 hp and a price tag sliding in right underneath the six-figure mark.

Sure, this Matech GT1 is close to double the purported price of the new GT, and is very much not for street use, but hey, we’d be willing to bet this GT1 is better on a racetrack. It’s probably more fun on the street too; at least until your local law enforcement confiscates your license and throws you in jail.

If you didn’t hear about the Ford GT racing program in the mid-2000’s, don’t worry. Ford never officially created any Ford GT race car from that era, and all the privateer entries were not overtly dominant. Regardless, the cars that were developed did win their share of races, culminating in a few Le Mans entries and a team championship in the FIA GT3 series.

This particular GT1 was the result of hard work and toil from Matech, a Swiss racing team. According to the seller, the GT1 shares no components with the street car aside from the chassis and the taillights. Where the supercharged 5.4-liter Modular V-8 used to sit now resides a Roush-Yates 5.3-liter V-8, spinning out 650 hp and 531 lb-ft of torque. This prodigious power is routed to the rear wheels through a traditional six-speed sequential transmission.

This GT1 is unlikely to meet any current FIA regulations, so it will remain either one of the greatest track-day toys we’ve ever seen, or an incredible chunk of garage art. We suggest the former option, as the GT1 is chock full of motorsport treats, including an excruciatingly expensive Inconel exhaust, gold insulation, and carbon-ceramic brakes.

If you have the need, you can park this in your garage for the gotta-have-it price of $915,000.