Macross “Impulse Experiment”

Macross. You’d think that some quality rest and recovery would be on the agenda given everything that’s happened recently, but as it turns out, both sides are getting anything but the sort. With Keith beginning to doubt Roid’s intentions following the sudden replacement of our doctor from last week and the continued lack of information regarding Mikumo—suspicions are abound, and a mix of anxiety and impatience leads to action on part of everyone involved.

Mirage in particular ends up the centerpiece of the triangle this time around, and while she doesn’t do much for her own chances by trying to get Hayate and Freyja back on their feet, her passionate lecturing of the two ends up demonstrating just the kind of person she is: considerate, direct when she needs to be, and there when it matters. The question is how long it takes Freyja and Hayate to realize how right she is, and how their offers to quit their respective professions (while born of the best intentions) would never have yielded the positive outcomes they wanted. After all, the two are inextricably linked at this point—neither can sing or fly without the other—and here’s hoping that they realize just how important they are to each other before it’s too late, especially given Mirage’s selfless sacrifice in this regard.

In the meanwhile, the remainder of the Walkure begin realizing just how much Mikumo means to them individually and as a group, and they take things into their own hands by attempting to infiltrate the medical ship housing the latter. Macross. Things don’t go quite as planned with Makina and Reina getting arrested, but their respective sacrifices ultimately allow Kaname to find Mikumo—a meeting that could be the key to leading our cast out of their current predicament and their current stalemate against the Windermeres.

We’ll have to be satisfied waiting for another week before getting any real answers about Mikumo’s origins, but there’s a lot to consider while we do, with Roid continuing to be a key piece to look at. Agreements with Berger over the creation of mind control equipment aside, the latter’s comments about Roid’s intentions possibly changing make you wonder just what’s going on in his mind at this point, and if he even wants to lead the Windermeres into their supposed position as the true heirs of the Protoculture anymore.

KONTAK PERKASA FUTURES – The more we go on, the less interested he seems to be in regards to that goal, and one starts to wonder if he even cared about that in the first place or if that was a ruse to get things to satiate his scientific curiosity with. Macross. It looks like the Windermeres will find themselves split sooner rather than later as a result however, and the inclusion of Herman’s son in this week’s episode serves as a curious tidbit that could hint at Herman’s inevitably needing to choose between what he’s told to do and what he feels would be best for his comrades and his family. Depending on the way things shape up, the old guard (Herman and Qasim) could very well end up fighting the new guard (Herman’s son potentially included), which while be tragic in its own way, would be the opening our main cast to swoop things and resolve things once and for all.

As it is, the big thing this week seems to be that things rarely go as one intends or wants them to, and it comes down to realizing what’s truly important, making a decision based on that, and accepting the consequences that come with it. Here’s waiting to see what our cast realizes next week!

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