KONTAK PERKASA FUTURES – Today, September 13 is Dave Mustaine’s 55th birthday! In honor of the Megadeth mainman’s revolution around the sun, we’ve compiled a list of seven interesting facts. Check it out below!

1. He has an affinity for horses
Now living in Nashville, Mustaine has gotten in touch with his equestrian side and owns two horses—Gerrit and Rocky. Rocky, a miniature horse, was rescued by the Mustaine family after they found the severely neglected steed living in a junkyard.

2. He accidentally started a riot in Northern Ireland during a performance
In May of 1988, Mustaine accidentally incited a riot in Northern Ireland. The frontman delivered what he believed to be a pro-Ireland speech and said he next song was for “the cause,” not realizing that “the cause” actually was in reference to the IRA. The speech fired up those in the crowd who were on opposing sides of the political movement causing things to get so out of hand that the band was escorted back to Dublin in a bulletproof bus. The incident inspired half of the premise for hit song “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due.”

3. He is the original illustrator of Vic Rattlehead
Mustaine sketched the original concept for mascot Vic Rattlehead, which can be seen on the 1984 ‘Last Rites’ demo. After signing to Combat Records, the label lost the original sketch and rendered their own design based on Mustaine’s concept.

4. He’s a certified black belt
Better watch out! Not only is Dave Mustaine a masterful axman, but he is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Ukidokan karate.

5. AC/DC changed his life
While at the record store in his youth, Mustaine traded weed in exchange for a record. That record was AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock,” which the shredder credits as the one that changed his life.

6. He has blacklisted “The Conjuring” from live performances
The frontman has refused to play the 1986 song “The Conjuring” live. Claiming to have practiced black magic as a teen, Mustaine says the craft was the basis for the crushing ‘Peace Sell’ track. However, in a recent interview with “The Morning Blaze with Gus & Izzy” on Fresno’s 105.1 The Blaze, Mustaine said he is reconsidering his decision. “As I grow, I evolve in my outlook and my personal journey here, being a positive person and being a positive influence on other people’s lives. So as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, I wouldn’t mind doing the song again, ’cause it is a good song,” he explained.

7. He originally slammed the door on Dave Ellefson’s face
After moving to Hollywood with three friends, Ellefson wanted to meet new people in his new neighborhood. One of his friends spotted Mustaine who “looked like a rock ‘n’ roll guy.” The bassist and one of his buddies knocked on Mustaine’s door one night and asked him if he knew where to get cigarettes. Mustaine snarled at the guys, told them to go to the corner store, and slammed the door in their faces. Not discouraged, Ellefson knocked on his door again, this time looking for beer. Mustaine got the hint that time and realized they were just some dudes looking to hang. He invited them in and the rest is history!

Source : revolvermag.com