Eve Online is a well known MMORPG that has been around for a considerable length of time. As of today, it is over 13 years old, making it one of the longest standing MMORPGs on the market. And it has official announced that it is going to move from a subscription model to a free to play one, bringing about some changes to the game and opening it for all players. Let’s break down the differences here between the two types of players when it comes to this game and its new update.

Eve Online

Clone States

KONTAK PERKASA FUTURES – Eve Online is using “clone states” to differentiate between free players and those that are keeping a subscription going. In essence, these are just free vs. paid players.

The Alpha Clone State is available to all players at all times. It allows you to train and use a specific set of skills, including tech one Frigates, Destroyers, and Cruisers, along with essential weapons and modules. Skills will be trained at a reduced rate when compared to paid players.

Omega is for paid players, which grants unlimited skill access and is identical to the current subscribed players, with no changes made.

In essence, Alpha is free, Omega is paid.

Subscriptions Remain the Same

Subscriptions themselves are not planned to have any changes. They can be obtained in one of two ways: either through paying directly or through the purchase and use of PLEX, which grant game time.Prices will remain the same for both PLEX and normal subscription purchases. For players that want to get involved with the game for free and get a subscription through in-game means, this does appear to be possible, as nothing has been stated about not being able to trade with others. As a result, starting a new account, working until you can afford a PLEX, and moving over to a subscription using that method does still look to be viable at this time.

Eve Online

Balancing Available Skills with Viability

One of the things that Eve Online is doing is working on a skill set that allows Alpha players to have viable options for tackling the game’s content, while at the same time still giving value to the Omega players, giving a push in that direction. There are a large list of skills that are currently planned to be part of the Alpha setup you can view here, though it is worth noting that this set can change between now and when the game goes free to play later this year. It is going through an ongoing balancing effort, taking into account player feedback as they progress and fine tune it. But for now, it helps give a general idea of what you can expect.

Other Things to Note

All players, both Alpha and Omega, will receive the same level of support. It does not appear that there will be any tiering with regards to this.

Alpha players will not be available on the test servers most of the time, but may be invited for certain events. So those that want to test new content before its release will need a subscription.

Expansion content and new features will be free going forward, and ongoing development will continue.

If your subscription to Omega ends while you are still logged in, you will keep that status until the next time you log out. This will allow for completing things you are already working on, rather than being forcibly kicked out of the game. On the same token, if you are logged in as an Alpha and are in a ship that is only available to Omegas, you will be able to continue flying that ship until you dock. During this time, however, you will not gain any ship bonuses or attributes from Omega skills. For those that are training Omega skills and get pushed down to Alpha status, the queue will be paused and will need manually restarted once the unavailable skills are either removed or the subscription is active again.

Analyzing Player Behavior and Actions

Last but not least, Eve Online is going to be closely monitored for effects the free to play option is having on the game and its economy. Things like botting are said to be handled through increased security, suicide ganking is not seen as being a potential issue, and farming by using Alpha alts is not seen as an issue due to the skills that are available to them in the game. While all of these things can have effects across the board, CCP is going to be working diligently to see what actually happens and work to rectify any potential complications with the help of players.

Get Ready for It!

Eve Online’s changes and addition of the free to play model are coming later this year. While it does not have a date set as of yet, after a wait of 13 years, what is another few months? Be sure to check out all the current information on this new change right here.

Source : mmosite.com