KONTAK PERKASA FUTURES – If you’ve always wanted to know what really goes on inside a Chinese restaurant, you’re in luck. A restaurant employee recently did a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) entitled Your Typical Chinese Restaurant Employee, and he answered a lot of users’ questions that touched on everything except the exact recipes (some things have to remain a secret!). He wrote, “I am Chinese. Parents are Chinese. Parents own a typical take out Chinese food restaurant. I have worked there almost all my life and I know almost all the ins and outs.” Curious about his insider secrets? Read on for some of the standout questions and answers, and then catch up on the whole AMA here.

1. The secret to authentic Chinese food is the sauce.

Someone mentioned that they try to make Chinese food at home but it’s never nearly as good — not even “as good as the worst Chinese takeout.” Turns out, the major difference is the sauce.

2. Using a wok makes a difference.

Another reason your homemade stir fries and lo mein might not taste authentic is that using a wok is far superior to a regular skillet. “The ability to flash cook in a wok makes a big difference believe it or not.”

3. North American Chinese food is cheaper.

North american Chinese is definitely easier and cheaper to prepare. Most of the prepping can be done in bulk and final product from the precook stages only takes a couple minutes.

Authentic chinese food requires more ingredients and a longer cooking process.

I prefer authenic chinese food on a daily basis but I do get cravings for the north american style.

4. The secret to the chicken in dishes like General Tso’s is the breading.

It’s lightly seasoned wet batter ( water, salt, oil, egg white, flour)

Cooking is 4ish steps:

  1. marinate in he chicken in light seasoning
  2. mix in batter
  3. fry it hot oil to lock on the batter
  4. lower the temp of the oil to fully harden the outside and cook the inside
  5. Stir fry the chicken with the sauce.

5. Yes, many restaurants really do use the same images for the menu.

Actually there are multiple companies but they just share the same images lol

6. Don’t believe a restaurant if it says it doesn’t have MSG . . . it’s already in soy sauce and many other sauces.

Dont believe the places that say no MSG. Cause their food will have it regardless. Even if they dont add additional MSG, the sauces will have it.

7. The best thing to order is anything Mongolian style. At least, that’s this guy’s personal favorite.


It’s a sweet, spicy, peppery dish!

Absolutely delicious!

8. The one thing you should NEVER order is . . . fries.

Probably french fries if they offer it. We dont but i know some places that do.

Source : popsugar.com